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About Server Status Checker

Server Status Checker will let you know if the server of your site is offline or online. It's a really useful tool that every webmaster must use at regular intervals to keep updated on their website's server status. While this tool is your dire need, the SEOToolsPlanet team has developed it so everyone can use it and it's totally free.

Here is how to use server status checker?

  • Write your website URL in the textbox. You can put up to 100 websites but be sure to write every URL on a separate line.
  • Click on the Button, and our tool will show you the server status of every site you've entered.

What is unique in Server Status Checker?

SEOToolsPlanet provides premium SEO tools for free, and we take more exceptional care of our users.

Our Professional team has added several unusual features to this tool. The most surprising thing is that rather than checking the server status of every site one by one, now you can check if the servers are still working right or not of around 100 website at one time.

However many sites you assess, our tool will show a precise server status report for every single site you've entered in, in just 3-4 seconds only.

The server report is created in a proper form. If it shows the server status as Online, then it means that your website is working good, and each online user can quickly surf your website. However, when it shows the status as Offline, then it implies that there is an issue with the site, and you need to immediately focus on the issue since users can not navigate your website if you don't fix the problem.

In preceding years, webmasters have gone through numerous issues since they never understood whether their site is available to everybody and also the servers are operating well or not. However, now SEOToolsPlanet have developed this tool so you can quickly check the server status of almost any website in just a few seconds.


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