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Free Link Analyzer checks the incoming and outgoing link of any website. It shows you complete details on external, internal, do follow and no follow links on your website. Write your website's URL and click on submit button. This tool will crawl the website, and display complete link evaluation report in just a second.

Difference between internal and external links:

An internal link is a hyperlink to a different page on the same website or domain. It is possible to choose the example of your website's navigation menu that has links to many pages or categories like Contact or privacy page. These links point to a different page of the same domain, its called inner or internal links.

External links are those hyperlinks that are pointing to some other's website or domain from your site. By way of instance, you provide a link from your website to another's website. As you're linking your website to another website, its called external links.

How can you benefit from this Free Link Analyzer Tool?

Link Analyzer Tool creates a report that you can easily ascertain the ratio between the inner and external links for any site. It's also helpful for webmasters for exploring different websites which are linking to your website.

You might take advantage of our tool in a wise way! Many smart online marketers are making money by offering a link analysis report to their visitors or users on fiver, upwork or any other platform. That means it is possible to use this tool in this way also.

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