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About Keyword Position Checker

Search engine optimization target is always that coveted position in the top 3-4 results on search engines. It may take some time, but with the minimal attempt, every single landmark means you are doing something right. If your objective is also to attain that position in search results, then you may need to begin working on this, immediately. The first step is to discover your rank for which you'll be having an efficient keyword ranking checker. 

How to use our Keyword position checker Tool?

  • You just have to enter your website/domain.
  • Enter the keywords in the textbox, for example, if your website includes an article about "SEO Tools" and you would like to check search ranking of the article, you can merely enter related keywords like SEO tools, free SEO Tools. Top SEO tools, in the textbox. You have to add each keyword on a separate line. 
  • Pick the number of positions you want to check from your website.
  • Click on the find keyword position button and then wait. If your article is rank on the top of search engines, then the tool can show the results in a couple of seconds. However, if your article is ranking by keywords on the last position like 60th, 70th or even 100th, then the tool will take a while to show the specific positions.


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