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Publishing new content is one of the great approaches to attain high positions in Google. But how do you know whether Google had crawled your site or not and how do we check whether Google understands that your website exists? These kinds of questions come to each mind and reply to these things from the Google Cache Checker Tool from by SEOToolsPlanet.

When Google Spider crawls your site, it requires a snapshot of every webpage and keeps them as a backup. Every time a user search, the cached version what Google uses to discover whether it matches with all the searches or not. Each search result contains a link to a cached version of this site which takes the visitor to the cached page of the website. It's quite beneficial when a site is temporarily down because of technical problems.

This Google Cache Checker Tool by SEO Tools Planet informs you how frequently Google has cached their website. You just have to write the URL of the website and this tool will immediately show you the result showing you the specific date and time Google crawlers last checked the website. If you observe that your website cached version doesn't show, then you have to take action as it is an indication that your website has been penalised or Google cannot crawl your site. You can utilize Google Malware Checker and Google Index Checker to make your site better.

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