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Every webpage has a source code. It's the code that your web browser transforms into a good UI.

Search engines such as Google, check this code to determine where your website pages should appear in their indexes for any particular search query. Even though it is simple to see the source code of any site using the View page source code option in various browsers, some websites have disabled this, and they will not allow you to see their website's code.

We have developed this tool that will show the source of any site within a second. Simply put the website's URL, and this tool will display the whole source code of the site.

What do I need the source code of a Web page? 

You may be wondering that why do you want the source of a webpage, By checking the source code file of a site, it is possible to check many important things easily. Let's see what can be the important uses of web page source code.

Title Tag: Title Tags are significant for on-page SEO and these are the titles which google shows for different sites when you search for something. With this tool, you can easily assess if the tag is contained in the source code or not. If you do not have a title tag at the source code, then you aren't likely to get any top position in Google or any other search engine. This title tag is usually showed near the top of the source code.

Meta Description: Meta Description is a 150 character text, shown under the title of the page in search engines. There're a few sites which fully ignore meta descriptions, and consequently, they do not get a high position in Search engines. You may use our free Web Page Source Code viewer tool to assess if the meta description is showing in the code or not.

DoFollow and NoFollow Links: You may saw the source code of a page to check if the link on a webpage is either nofollow or dofollow. If you see this kind of code rel="external nofollow", then it implies that the webpage comprises no follow hyperlinks, and if you see the similar kind of code with "do follow" word in it, then it implies that the website contains do follow hyperlinks. It's quite useful when creating backlinks for your website.

Using this tool, you can even discover many things link website's meta name, Image Alt Tags, Google Analytics code and a lot more.

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