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When a request is made to your server any time a user opens your webpage in a browser, then your site's server returns an HTTP status code in response to this request that offers information on the site and the page which you requested.

SEOToolsPlanet provides free 'Get HTTP headers'. You can use this tool to check the HTTP headers that the web server returns when you request a URL:

Put the website URL and click on the "Submit" button. In a second, you'll find the full HTTP Headers data in a good table form.

 Common HTTP Status Codes

As some people do not understand about HTTP Status code and their object, therefore we'll explain the most typical ones.

200 OK: When you see this status code it means that all is working fine. Your browser found that the URL along with the server returned a great content page.

403 Forbidden: This can have an adverse consequence on your website's SEO, also it has to be fixed instantly. 403 Forbidden signifies the server is denying the request, and it's blocking access to Google bots.

301 Moved Permanently: This HTTP status code is utilized for permanent URL redirection, which means this links using the URL that the answer is obtained for needs to be upgraded. The new URL must be offered in place field as well as the response.

404 Not Found: This usually means that the webpage or site isn't found on the host. It occurs every time a webmaster has deleted the webpage.

503 The Server Is Temporary Unavailable: It means that something is wrong with your server or hosting.

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