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About CSS Minifier

CSS Minifier is a great tool created by SEOToolsPlanet which will increase the speed of your website. This tool makes the script up to 25% smaller and finally speeds up the downloading time. This tool will unite all of the CSS files for the website into one file.

What is CSS minifying?

Your webpage loading speed is your most assessing factor for the SEO, and the significant issue is that your users also assess your website's page loading speed. If your website loads slower than ordinary, the user will proceed to look for a few other resources to search their result.

There are lots of things, which impact the page loading speed and the important among them is your HTML, CSS and Javascript files size. The CSS files include codes which require more time to load, but we can use them by compressing with CSS Minifier tool.

How to use CSS Minifier?

CSS Minifying will help you to fix the load speed problem and make it load fast to provide a better experience for users. Minifying can be accomplished manually, but you need to give it a right time to eliminate all of the factors which affect your website speed. However, which this tool you can take action fast and may save your time to perform some other jobs.

To use this tool, you have to upload your CSS file, or you can manually add your CSS code in the text box and click on submit button. This tool will remove unnecessary spaces and characters from your code.

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