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Welcome to SEOToolsPlanet's Broken Links Finder Tool. When you click on a link, and it will display a 404 error (page not found), it means the link is broken. These links are incredibly disagreeable for the visitor of your website, and it may leave adverse consequences on your website's reputation.

SEOToolsPlanet has developed this Broken Links Finder Tool, that can instantly check all broken links of your site, and it'll display the broken URL of the webpage that's showing a 404 page not found error message. You just have to write the website's URL and click on the button. Our tool will crawl your complete site, and it will show you the results.

Many people today think that they simply require quality content and CMS, but remember that the CMS is a tool which enables you to make new website content.Your CMS is not responsible for assessing broken link on your site. So you require a tool that may assist you in this job, and that tool is SEOToolsPlanet broken links finder.

Broken links not just badly impact the visitor experience but sometimes, it may also influence your website's SEO and affect your search ranking too. If the user encounters broken links, it is evident that those users will instantly close your website that means you will get high bounce rate, they won't see your website again and wouldn't share posts. While the user participation declines, search engines will know that your webpage isn't providing high-quality info and your positions on search engines will decrease.

Finding broken links on your site needs a lot of time and human effort since you need to go through countless website pages, to check and change broken links. Even it's not possible for a human to find broken links on a site. So you'll need this Broken link finder tool that will check broken links on your website in just a few seconds.

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