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About AVG Antivirus Checker

Every online data is subjected to millions of users. It is possible to choose the case of a simple site, thousands of visitors can obtain that. With the greater variety of people visiting your site, there are numerous chances of your website getting injected by a few viruses. These viruses may either enter your website via your PC or a hacker injected them! These viruses may lead to damage to your website, and they might result in a bad website health.

SEO Tools Planet has developed a completely free website malware scanner called 'AVG Antivirus Checker' which checks your website for viruses and informs the website owner if it has any virus on your website.

How to use AVG Antivirus Checker Tools?

Add the website's URL in the textbox. You can write up to 20 URLs at one time, but be certain to write each URL on a separate line. Then click on the button and the tool crawl the site. SEOToolsPlanet's online virus scanner tool requires 2-3s to create the virus report of all of the websites entered. If it founds any malware on your website, it will show you.

Why should you use this AVG Antivirus Checker Tool?

Every site owner should take proper care of the site and protect it from viruses. Some of the viruses may inject in the website with the webmaster not knowing about them. So it is vital for each and every website owner to carry out an online virus scanning of the site through this 'AVG Antivirus Checker Tool'.

Use this tool since it is free & fast and doesn't require to download. This tool is unique because rather than checking every site one by one, it is possible to check all at one time. It doesn't require to register or signup to use this tool.


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