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Welcome to Alexa Rank Checker by SEOToolsPlanet. We developed this tool to get a complete Alexa report of any site with no signup or registration. It's among the quickest and best tool available that hastens global Alexa ranking, country ranking, users geography, number of backlinks, and also the percentage of visits.

You just have to write the URL of a website, and this tool creates the complete Alexa report in just a second. Apart from the rank os a site, this tool will display that where your website is most popular. If you would like to boost Alexa you will need to rank medium or long-tail keywords and decent meta tag, you can use our Meta Tag Generator to get meta tags.

In case you have noticed that your website has a bad Alexa Rank, then here are some tips how to improve it immediately:

  • Install Alexa toolbar and Alexa widget. It informs Alexa servers about your visitors and after installing, you'll be to see a dramatic increase in your site's ranking.
  • Consistently publish unique and intriguing content for visitors.
  • Do not forget to share your articles or posts on Social media such as facebook, google plus and twitter.

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