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Welcome to Moz backlink extractor tool that's the recent and powerful SEO Tool developed by SEOToolsPlanet. Moz provides a various number of the majority of useful SEO tools regarding the webmasters. Moz has a PRO membership and free membership. Free membership is limited to these quantities of tools whereas the PRO membership includes the great search tools and queries. Moz free permits a limited number of lookup queries each day (Maximum 5). SEOToolsPlanet has solved this problem for the lifetime.

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SEOToolsPlanet Moz backlink extractor is an instant and useful tool to export and checkout backlink from Moz database. Using this Moz link extracting tool you are able to check up to 1000 backlinks report out of Moz, but in Moz free membership you can only see 5 backlinks report.

How Moz Backlink Extractor Tool Works?

We are using Moz API at the backend of this tool, so we get the results from the Moz. Enter the URL, and this tool will scan the Moz backlinks database and show you the result.